Alumni Association Board


The following shall be the authorities of the Association.

  • The Chairman (Director of the Institute (GIM))
  • The Vice Chairman (Chairperson of the Alumni Committee (GIM))
  • The President (Past Student of the GIM)
  • The Secretary (Past Student of the GIM)
  • The Treasurer (Past Student of the GIM)
  • The General Body
  • The Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee can appoint a full time paid Secretary to the Association who will carry out the day to day activities under the guidance and supervision of the Chairman/ Chairman of the Alumni Committee / President/ Executive Committee

The Office Bearers
a) The Office Bearers shall be selected as detailed in Clause 11(b) of the constitution for a period of three years. However, a person may be reselected and hold the same office up to a maximum of 3 consecutive years (i.e. two terms)
b) The Office Bearers of the Executive Committee shall be
i) The Chairman
ii) The Vice Chairman
iii) The President
iv) The Vice President
v) The Secretary
vi) The Treasurer
Vii) Members – Five (one alumna)

Current Office bearers (2015)
i) The Chairman - Dr. Ajit Parulekar (Director, GIM)
ii) The Vice Chairman- Dr. Anamika Sinha (Alumni Chair)
iii) The President - Mr. Perry Goes (1995 batch)
iv) The Vice President - Mr. Murali Satya (1998 batch)
v) The Secretary - Mr. Shreye Mehtani (2011 batch)
vi) The Treasurer - Ms. Geeta Kumar
vii) Members -Mr. Salil Kumar (2003), Mr. Ajay Chopra (2005), Mr. Aniruddha Iyer (2008), Mr. Gaurav Golwalkar (2012) and Mr. Kaushal Bal Sahakari (2011-PT).