Alumni Faculty Coordinator

Alumni Chair

Dr. Anamika Sinha is the Alumni Chair for the academic year 2016-17.


Dr Sinha is a Ph.D. from University of Lucknow and is presently pursuing her professional Development Program from Indian Society for Applied Behavior Sscience, New Delhi. A trained trainer from Dale Carnegie Institute of Training, she is also a member of Strategic Management Forum of India.

She has diverse experience of four years in industry, two years in social sector and over nine years in academics. She has been actively involved in teaching, training, consulting and research. She has conducted several in house and on- site training program for organizations like GSFC, NDDB, RIM, Bharti-AXA, Kalptaru Power Ltd, Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd, etc. and has consulted for organizations like Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd for HR audit, Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank for setting up of variable pay, Gujarat Police Training Department for organizing orientation program, Ramana Group of Consultants for performance appraisal, Saath for project management and Utthan for succession planning.

Her contributions have recieved some accolades.Best Professor in HRM from DNA Innovations B School Awards (2013); Best paper award at COSMAR 2013 organised by IISC, Bangalore; Best Case award in ISB Ivey Case Chase competition 2013; and Best Case Award at SVIM 2013, Indore etc. One of her case was chosen for presentation at IIM, Ahmedabad Society Conference 2014.
She is a PhD guide to some meritorius students. Students guided by her are working in organizations of repute.

Her research areas are learning and development and organizational capability building.

Area of expertise:

Learning and Development, Building organizational and Individual Capabilities.

Research and consulting area:

Human Development, Gender Issues, Quality Management Systems

Research & Publications:

Refereed Publications


Sinha, A., & Kaul, N., Motivating Sales Personnel: A systems perspective. Indian Journal of Training and Development, 44(1), 7-13, (2014).
Bhattacharya S., & Sinha, A., People First: Formalization of HRM in MSMEs of Gujarat. European Journal of Business and Management, 7(10), 10-20, (2015).
Sinha, A., Effect of stress on academic performance of MBA students: An empirical case study. SCMS Journal of Management, 11(4), 46-52 (2015).
Kothari, T., & Sinha A., Scale Development: Validation, SCMS Journal of Indian Management, 12(2), 112-120, (2015).

Sinha, A., & Varkkey, B., Addrec Solution: Building Organizational Capabilities for Growth, Ivey Publishing, (2015).
Sinha, A., & Varkkey, B., Training Delivery Faux Paus: Daily Diary of a Trainer. IIM, Ahmedabad. (2015).


Sinha, A., Muncherji, N., & Shah, R., Transforming HR Creating a culture for change and CSR. New Delhi: Excel India Publication, (2015).
Muncherji, N., Sinha, A., & Shah, R., Business Excellence and Leadership: Transforming HR for Enhanced Organizational Capability. New Delhi: Excel India Publication, (2015).
Shah, R., Muncherji, N., & Sinha, A., Innovative Process for Transforming HR for enhanced organizational capability. New Delhi: Excel India Publication, (2015).

Other Publications

Sinha, A., Radhika's Dilemma. Human Capital. (2015).
Sinha, A., & Varkkey, B., Make a choice. Human Capital. (2015).


Other Designations

Other designations The association shall maintain its registered office at the Goa Institute of Management and function from this office and other offices, as may be decided by Ms. Priya Salgaonkar is currently the alumni coordinator. Alumni Faculty Advisory Prof. C. M. Ramesh and Prof. A. G. Balasubramanian is the faculty advisory.